What Is A Chandelier?


A chandelier can be defined as a kind of lamp that is made to hang from the ceiling. It can be hung directly from a ceiling electric outlet, or simply attached from a hook and line in the ceiling which is then plugged into an electric socket on the wall. Chandeliers use relatively small, lower wattage bulbs that normally have a shape of a candle flame, although these chandelier lamps are not always limited to small bulbs. Usually there are three or more small light bulbs in one chandelier that gives off a total light of around 100 to 400 watts.

Chandeliers, big and small, can be found in almost any kind of room. It can be found in formal dining areas, children’s bedroom or even in the game room. The most popular chandelier designs are those that are with dangling cut glass crystals, which are surrounded with light bulbs. This chandelier design creates a beautiful spectrum of light that strongly accentuates the classiness of formal rooms. These formal designs may have additional parts that are brass or gold plated which bring improved elegance and formality to the hallway or room in which they hang.

There are other less formal designs of chandeliers that make use of different materials like ceramic, wood, wrought iron, stained glass, and to the more eccentric, deer antlers. A white ceramic chandelier can be adorned with pastel flowers and leaves. This design will definitely look good in a girl’s room or in the tea room. Another design is the heavy, multicolored glass version which can be hung over a billiards table or game table in leisure rooms. Owners of cabins that may wish to have a more rustic décor in their living rooms would go for chandelier designs that make use of deer antlers or wrought iron.

In adding chandeliers as decorative ceiling fixtures in rooms, one should be careful in choosing the correct size. A giant chandelier will overcome a small room while a small one that hangs over a long dining table will look totally lost. A small room (10 x 10 ft) would nicely house a chandelier that has a 20 inch diameter. A room that has a size of 12 x 12 ft can hold a chandelier with a size of up to 27 inches in diameter. For larger rooms (14x 14 ft), a big chandelier that has a diameter of 36 inches and above should be chosen. Chandeliers should hang over a dining table at a height of at least 30 inches, and also it should be about 12 inches narrower than the width of the table.

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Guide to buying hair extensions in Australia

hair extensions

Need to add something extra to that hair, to make it stand out? Why not try some hair extensions for your hair? They need not be permanent, if you do not want them to be, so you do not have to worry about having to have fake hair attached to your real hair. Sure you would care to give one these hair extensions a try; however, where exactly do you get these extensions for your hair? More importantly, which type of hair extensions would be the best for you?

The first question can be answered simply: Pure Hair Extensions. This hair extensions retailer is one of the most reliable out there today. They provide potential buyers of these hair extension products various variety and different all-around choices. One of the most common, and certainly at the top most level of quality, would have to be Remy hair extensions. This type of hair extension is said to arguably be the best kind of hair extension out there, since it actually is made of the finest and realest human hair. That just means that if you ever decide to try on one of these Remy extensions for your hair, it would not stand out at all, and would really look like it your actual hair.

Pure Hair Extensions also offers and provides diverging types of these Remy extensions as well. Potential customers and future users of these extensions have the choice of picking from different lengths of extensions. Long, short, medium-length, exaggeratedly long, and any other type of length of hair is available. Beyond that, this hair extension providing retailer also provides coloured Remy hair extensions for those who want to add some sort of colour to their hair, without actually dying their real hair.

There are so many more hair extension colour options to choose from; all a potential buyer, or all you have to do is to pick out which one (or two, or more depending on your preference of course) you fancy the most among all of them, and clip them on your hair. Voila!

As if length and colour were still not enough, Pure Hair Extensions still went further. With thickness and volume-adding Remy extensions for those individuals out there who want to make their hair look fuller completely, this hair extension retailer is more than enough to quell the wants and desires of prospecting buyers and future hair extension users out there. All in all, there is arguably no other hair extension providing retailer better, and more “fully-equipped”, if you will, when it comes to hair extensions. Go and visit Pure Hair Extensions now!

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Getting the right hair style: Making the most out of your trip to the hair salon

The kind of cut you get when you head to a hair salon really depends on what sort of look you want to achieve. Typically though, while your stylist will give you the freedom to choose, they will clue you in on what will look good on you based on the kind of face shape you have. The good news is that there is more than one hair style you can take advantage of given the shape of your face so you don’t have to worry about looking the same all the time.

For round faces


One of the most common hair styles you can get when you visit a hair salon is one that is uneven with a mix of lengths. And if you add long, side-swept bangs with a deep part on the side, your face will look slimmer. If you want to stick with a center part, you can make it work by having your hair cut in a way so you end up with layers hitting your jaw while the rest fall a few inches down your shoulders. If you want definition, you can achieve this with a sleek ponytail secured at the same height or above your ears. If you want a cut above your shoulders, tell the folks at the hair salon to give you a soft, layered bob that can be intentionally mussed. Got great cheekbones? A defined pixie is the hairstyle you should be going for.

For oval faces

oval faces

If you have a face shape like Taylor Swift’s, then the blunt bangs she’s rocking will work on you as well, breaking up length by adding the illusion of width. If you have long or shoulder- length hair, you’ll look good with a center part. If you feel this looks severe, you can soften it up by adding some waves. A hair salon deals with oval faces by adding softness, a definite result of opting for a bob that grazes your collarbone accentuated with side-swept bangs.

For square faces

square faces

You can ask your stylist at the hair salon to give you a soft tapering bob that hits your chin. You can also go for a tousled shag if you want. If you have long hair, you can pull off a great look by creating waves from your ears down. To achieve the right effect, use a large brush for smoothing your hair and then spritz on some wave spray. Long and straight hair will work too, improved by a center part that will open up your face and draw attention from the jawline.

For heart faces

heart faces

The goal of any hair salon is to de-emphasize the triangle so a cut that hits below the jaw will work since it fills the area around your chin. If you have long hair and amazing eyes, you can bring out your eyes with the help of side-swept bangs. You can also get long, layered waves as long as the longer layers fill the chin area. On the other end of the spectrum, a pixie cut with side-swept bangs will also do wonders because this hairstyle softens hard features.

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Add volume and length with clip in hair extensions

clip in hair extensions

Are you having issues with your hair style, or looking for something totally new and impressive? You have experimented with styling it and using all sorts of products in it. Perhaps it is time you look at getting some extensions. Well that may seem like something you wouldn’t wish to put your hair through, but what if you don’t need to make them last a long time? Clip in hair extensions are a great option in the event you do not want to apply the traditional permanent hair extensions.

Many different types of hair extensions are currently accessible in over 20 colours. For that reason you may want to buy your hair extensions on the net because local vendors such as hair salons have a tendency to have a small collection. When buying hair extensions on-line, make sure you are purchasing through a legitimate retailer, since some retailers are offering artificial hair as real remy hair. Among the best selling hair extensions, Remy hair extensions are certainly the most popular. Remy hair is the very best that you can buy plus the hair is one hundred percent genuine. Sadly there are several suppliers who are marketing imitation extensions as Remy however you normally can determine if the hair is natural or fake by the price tag. Amongst the variety of types of hair extensions, those made out of Indian hair would be the most sought-after, probably because of the fact that this type of hair extension is easily the most realistic looking. Asian hair is typically cured with organic ingredients so the hair maintains a healthy look. Hair bought in India isn’t taken away from young girls against their will. There’s the old tale about girls in poor countries chopping their hair off for cash. The fact is that this does not take place. The hair is obtained from ashrams where Hindu girls cut their hair off once in their life as part of a ceremony. The hair has long been offered and it has been employed for many manufacturing processes for ages.

The many benefits of clip in hair extensions exceed the price. Clip in hair extensions offer a simple and fast way to add volume to your hair. In just a small period of time you can change your hair style totally. You will no longer have to spend a fortune on a new hair style next time you want a change. Additionally you will not need to wait around for ages for your hair to grow out should you have shorter hair. And possibly the best characteristic of clip in hair extensions is that they may be removed effortlessly.


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